• These standard Conditions are the sole agreement between the Owner of the Pet(s) boarded & Bonnievale Kennels and it’s proprietors. The agreement shall remain in force from the date the pet(s) are booked into the kennels until the date they are collected by the Owner or his authorised representative.

  • Bonnievale Kennels will do their best to ensure the welfare and health of your pet.

  • The owner acknowledges, agrees and confirms, by signing overleaf that he has read and is familiar with these conditions. Furthermore, that no liability, action or claim will be instituted against Bonnievale Kennels or the Proprietor in respect of any loss, injury or damage to the Owner’s Pet(s) or leads, collars or any other items. Owner must ensure he/she collect his pet' accessories with his pet. 

  • The amount due by the owner will be calculated by using the rate set out overleaf applied to the Boarding Period plus any additional charges incurred. Additional charges like bath, Flea treatment, special foods, damage to Bonnievale Kennels property, etc

  • Boarding Period will be calculated as follows:

  1. Day of entry, regardless of time booked in, will be charged as day 1 of boarding period.

  • In the event of the boarding charges or any other amounts not being paid on due date in accordance with  this agreement, or the owner in any other way breaching the terms hereof:

  1. The full amount then outstanding shall immediately become due and payable;

  2. Bonnievale Kennels does not run any accounts.

  3. The owner shall be liable for all costs incurred by the proprietor on any attorney/client scale in the regard to steps taken to recover payment.

  4. In addition, the proprietors are hereby authorized to dispose of the animal(s) either by private treaty or public sale at the sole discretion of the proprietors. In the event of the proceeds from such sale not being       sufficient to discharge the balance owing as well as the cost of convening the sale, the owner shall be liable to the proprietor for such shortfall. Any excess shall be refunded to the owner.

  • The Pet Owner authorizes the Kennel’s staff to utilize the services of  in Robertson in the event of such services being required. All veterinary charges plus transportation costs shall be for the account of the Owner.

  • The owner warrants that the animals have been vaccinated for distemper virus, parvovirus, ticks and frees and kennel cough.

  • The proprietor is authorized at his discretion to house the animal(s) in company with other pets where such companion boarding poses no threat to the pets welfare.

  • The owner acknowledge that no representations, warranties, or undertakings have been furnished by or on behalf of the proprietor and that the owner confirms that he accepts the conditions of accommodation and services offered by the proprietor.

  • The owner warrants that the information set out in this agreement (and on the face hereof) is true and correct and he has not withheld any information, the disclosure of which would either have influenced the proprietor’s decision to accept the animal(s) or in any way impeded the proprietor’s correct care of the pet(s).

  • The owner shall be responsible for all acts of the animal(s) and any damage caused by or through it.

  • These terms and conditions as well as the information contained above/on the face hereof constitutes the sole agreement between the parties, and no variation shall be any force and effect unless reduced to writing and signed by the parties.

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