Welcome to Bonnievale Kennels ! 

We provide a second home to your pet. We take care of dogs aswell as cats.We love your pet like you do and we will take care of them like you do.

Let us know your thought of your pet' stay at Bonnievale Kennels :

Each kennel has a cosy sleeping area and a dog bed is provided. We also have a large play area for the dogs, which is used as exercise area during the day.

The dogs:

What do we offer:

-  well balanced meals

-  medications administered

-  exercise area

-  individual attention

-  extra care for old & recuperating pets

-  infra red lights for cold nights

What must bring:

For your pet's health & safety we are very strict about vaccination certificated. Only fully vaccinated pets are accepted.

- All dogs must have collars.

Remember :

If your pet's annual booster injections have lapsed,they must have them at least 2 weeks before entering our kennel


All pet's receive a healthy, balanced diet.

-You are allowed to bring special diet food / nutrition for your pet if required.

Inspection most welcome

Please feel free to contact us for any information about Bonnievale Kennels, or advice about your pet(s).We look forward to hearing from you !

Contact Us 082 901 4044